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Aquatic turtle preservation & Costa Rica turtle projects

Eco volunteerism is a wonderful way of giving back to the world. Not only are you able to help the environment as a whole, generally you will spend your Eco volunteering time in places abroad. Such places are Australia, Tanzania, Africa and many other places around the world; giving you the means of broadening your horizons.

Ecotourism may sound like something from the future, however it isn’t. This form of responsible travel to pristine and protected areas; helps to educate travelers throughout the world; all while providing funds for conservation in places throughout the world.

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African side-neck turtle
Asian box turtle
Chinese box turtle
Chinese golden thread turtle
Common musk turtles
Eastern painted turtle
Hawksbill sea turtle
Leatherback sea turtle

Ecotourism & Turtle Rescue Volunteer opportunities

Global Volunteer Network

Turtle Conservation Project

Caribbean Conservation Corporation

Marine turtle conservation

Florida Turtle Conservation Trust

Global Sea Turtle Network

Osa Sea Turtle Conservation Program

See Turtles

SCDNR Marine Turtle Conservation Program

U.S. Fish & Wildlife Marine Turtle Grants

Guyana Marine Turtle Conservation Society

Volunteer Vacations - Save the sea turtles

Costa Rica Turtle Project

Starfish Ventures

Costa Rica Sea Turtle Conservation Missions

Adventure Travel Abroad

Volunteer Abroad


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